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Creative Writing


Three deep breathes. His chest rose and dropped slowly and calmly as he got a whiff of the chilly winter air, his cheeks burned from the snowfall as...


The break of his bones bang through his body. And my heated hands work harder.
It has been so long since my...

To Infinity and Beyond

My mother’s dead. I didn’t know her, she died when I was three. I have her picture though. She was...



  I cannot see anything. When I wake up in my bed, I am sweating. This power outage, as Mom and Dad call it, is terrible. I’m scared. I’m thirsty. 

Social Media

Last year, I had a Blackberry and all of my friends made fun of the “Brick that you call your phone.” I loved this phone. This “Brick” let me text, make phone calls, and was practically indestructible. And then it became destructible.


Kenneth was surrounded by white walls. He didn’t mind it, but when he thought about these white walls accompanying him in the future, he did freak out a little bit. His bed was sort of comfortable, not like what it used to be, but then again, he didn’t really have much of a say. Kenneth was on his fifth book of the day.


She couldn’t imagine life without him. He was hers forever, he said. She needed his smile to give her daily energy. She needed his pep talks to get through her day. She needed his kiss, as if it were a burst of oxygen that kept her veins pumping. She didn’t know how to be his energy, his daily pick me up, his burst of oxygen. The ventilator was doing that now.

Social Media Etiquette

There are a few different ways to describe social media etiquette. Technology is advancing every day, so the way people interact with social media advances as well. It is important that before posting anything on social media, you ask yourself, “Is this socially acceptable for the world to see?”

Ocean Waves

The ocean keeps

A Streetcar Named Desire

All right so let’s first get one thing clear: this play has almost nothing to do with a streetcar. Stop looking. American film director, producer and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola annoyingly states that this play is “lyrical and poetic and human and heartbreaking and memorable and funny.” Thanks, Coppola, because we weren’t already confused enough.
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"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will."

- George Bernard Shaw

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