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Brunching Full-Time

Everyone knows the importance of brunching. The food is good, the pictures of proof even better, and day drinking becomes acceptable on a Sunday. Born and raised in New York (and by default near the best brunch places), Jeremy Jacobowitz decided to make a brand out of the simple pleasures of stuffing your face with sweet and savory once (or maybe twice) a week.

Since graduating from college, Jeremy has stayed passionate about production. He has produced all kind of shows revolving around food: competition, travel, and cooking. At one point, he was the producer of a few Beat Bobby Flay seasons.

There was no set decision to create a food brand, Jeremy explains. "I was just bored between gigs almost four years ago, and wanted to make some brunch videos to keep me busy."

What started off as a side hobby became something much bigger. Jeremy created Brunch Boys, his "mindset and lifestyle." With Instagram becoming bigger and brunching always popular, Jeremy "immediately got the name on all platforms."

For a year, Jeremy's following lacked. "No one really saw anything I was doing for over a year, and then the Instagram took off." The reason? Food instagrams weren't that popular at the time. Besides Yelp and the sparse Google reviews, people continued to go to the same brunch places. Jeremy optimized Instagram, along with his website, to show people all of the amazing places to dine in New York on a midday Sunday.

Naturally, I wanted to know Jeremy's favorite place to eat in and outside of New York. Weirdly, the one place he loves in New York doesn't serve the best meal. "Gato is my absolute fave," Jeremy states. "It breaks my heart that they don't actually have a brunch service!"

His non-New York recommendation is Bernie's Lunch and Supper, located in the heart of River North, Chicago. The cravings of Bernie's never leave you.

Throughout Jeremy's time brunching, he has received free meals, but more importantly, he has gained everlasting relationships with the restaurants and corresponding chefs. Jeremy makes it a point to stay humble during the expansion of Brunch Boys. "I think overall it's the brand that truly form a partnership with me, and what I'm posting is truly in my voice, not just an ad."

As a perk of Brunch Boys, Jeremy traveled to Melbourne, Australia and judged food competitions on Beat Bobby Flay.

A whole day is devoted to a specific restaurant, occupying most of Jeremy's time.

All day, Jeremy shoots, edits, and gets all the needs to be done in order to run a business. "I shoot all photos and videos. Shooting is really the easy part, its the editing that truly takes a long time. I edit all my photos on Adobe Lightroom, and videos on Adobe Premiere Pro," Jeremy explains.

When he isn't behind the camera lens, Jeremy works out and attends multiple meetings and events.

Jeremy is sticking to his passion while making a career out of it. "I've always been a producer and that's still what I'm doing for Brunch Boys. So as long as I can continue producing really cool content, ill be happy!"

Check out the @BrunchBoys Instagram account and the YouTube Channel for more pictures of delicious meals and the best recommendations.



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