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Celebs on Sandys

There are many dynamic duos. You have peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. Rugrats' Phil and Lil. But there is one that you may not know about.

Friends, let me introduce you to Celebs on Sandwiches. First, you need to know about the creator, Jeff McCarthy. Creative mind and talented artist Jeff McCarthy lives in LA and makes commercials and branded films for a living. From a young age, painting was a passion of McCarthy's. Another passion? You guessed it, food.

"The idea came about while my girlfriend and I were enjoying a sandwich," McCarthy explains. "We we’re discussing Aziz Ansari’s love for food on Instagram and I thought it would be funny to paint him on a sandwich."

And so, paint hit paper and roughly four to six hours later, the first painting was done. After one came many and McCarthy has officially created a painted series of celebrities sitting on sandwiches. His celebrities range from professional boxer Floyd Mayweather to the ever so elegant Queen Elizabeth.

It's not just hard work of technique going into the paintings. McCarthy mostly draws "subjects who I think would appreciate the humor." Aside from that, there is also the type of sandwich that McCarthy decides to draw for each celebrity. McCarthy mentions how many of the sandwiches have a connection to the celebrity sitting atop it.

McCarthy states, "The sandwich that I pair with each subject sort of varies from person to person. Sometimes it’s really specific or based on their favorite food, or a reference made in a TV show or movie."

Even if there is no obvious connection to the celebrity and their breaded chair, McCarthy will pick a sandwich that feels "fitting" for the celebrity's personality. At just $30 a painting, one of these celebrities could be yours or even a unique gift for a friend.

Recently, McCarthy has had celebrities reach out to him and there have even been a few reposts from his Instagram page. "Jesse Tyler Ferguson reached out and commissioned a series as gifts for the cast of Modern Family," McCarthy says. "There have been a lot of reposts from Snoop Dogg, Olivia Wilde, and Drew Barrymore, to Jim Parsons, Dwayne Johnson, Emma Roberts and more."

Even though commercials and video content is his main career, McCarthy acknowledges that these paintings have become more than just a hobby. These paintings have become mixed in, balanced even, with his main career and boy, has it flourished. Requests are constantly flowing in and celebrities even comment or message McCarthy's Instagram page. He is always open to new suggestions and each painting created never disappoints.

There's a sense of humility when it comes to creating such incredible content. McCarthy's words of wisdom?

"I would say the biggest thing would be to try to put out unique content that people can enjoy. I’ve always tried to bring a little levity and humor to the crazy world of celebrity and social media, and I’ll continue to try and do that."

You can shop for Celebs on Sandwiches at: https://www.celebsonsandwiches.com

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