• Jamie Rothberg

How Cute is Too Cute?

There are few things in this world that are better than seeing a puppy all dressed up in pajamas. So when I came across the Instagram, @pupsinpajamas, I had to reach out. Not only is this account an instant mood booster, it also makes me want to buy a puppy to dress up. Every day.

The owner of the handle wants to stay anonymous, so we will call her Sally. Her reasoning? “I see no need for anyone to know I run it. By now, my close friends all know, but it is also funny to see people that I know ‘Like’ or ‘Tag’ people without realizing the account is mine.” I most definitely got enough out of her to make you follow the account, though.

Sally is a young professional living in New York City and she is “obviously an animal lover!” During her senior year of college two years ago, a bunch of Sally’s friends were making second Instagram accounts for fun, mostly revolving around food and cooking. She had a different thought.

“@Pupsinpajamas sort of just came into my head, I had just randomly come across a picture of a puppy in a onesie and had it saved on my desktop,” she explains.

The cuteness overload was so apparent that Sally insisted that there should be an Instagram. So she did just that. “What person wouldn’t want to scroll through their feed and see a pup in a onesie?”

And right she is. I mean, look at that. These pictures can physically make your heart melt, aching for a puppy to snuggle with on a rainy afternoon or after a long day of hard work. The amount of attention Sally received from this Instagram account comes as a total shock to her. Within the first sixty days of creating the handle, Sally received 10,000 followers, calling the whole experience “crazy.” She was amazed at how fast it grew and never intended to make it a brand, but instead an extra hobby to make people smile daily.

New ideas come up as @pupsinpajamas continues to grow. There are the “Mood-Booster Mondays,” “Bowtie Tuesdays,” and then the “Ugh, it’s Wednesday, but here’s a pup! And look at his PJs!”

People send in pictures of puppies through an email or a Direct Message. If you want to be featured, you can also hashtag #pupsinpajamas. People love the account so much that they want to participate and be featured. Sally finds herself looking through “a ton of submissions every day.”

Sally loves everything that comes with these puppies.

“It’s a pretty great account to run!” She states, “It honestly brightens my day every morning to post a picture. It has also been really fun to collaborate with brands on posts.”

When asked who her favorite pup was, Sally couldn’t even decide. There is such a cuteness overload.

“I definitely have a soft spot for goldens, but I also happen to get the most submissions of golden puppies.”

Speaking from experience, this account is definitely one to make you smile. Go follow @pupsinpajamas now!

If you want to submit to Sally, here is how to do so:

Email pupsinpajamas@gmail.com and make sure your picture is clear and cute.

DM @pupsinpajamas with said cuteness.

Post your own Instagram and hashtag #pupsinpajamas


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