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Pix on Pix on...

Traveling isn't easy for everyone. Maybe she has a full time job or he has weekend gigs. Timing doesn't align and when it does, maybe money is tight. While you should keep your head up every once in a while, I highly recommend getting lost in this amazing Instagram account. If you can't travel any time soon, you should at least allow yourself to bask in the gorgeous views of others.

JC (as she would like to be named) is a loving wife and the mom of four children, residing in New York. Her career spreads wide as she received a master's degree, used to work as a substitute teacher, and was once an investigator in the county she lives.

With her children growing up, she decided to spend the time with them instead of in a classroom or out in the field. "Now I stay home with my youngest and home school her. I have not held an out of the home job in eight years."

So, how does a mother of four keep herself busy outside of school hours? "I eventually invested my time building this Instagram page (and others) and can now make a bit of income from it by occasionally posting ads."

JC gives her family credit when it comes to manning the account. All of them help out in one way or another.

JC's current account actually started with the help of her children. Over time, JC's son taught her daughter how to find quality photos and give proper credit to photographers. "Her brother helped her grow the page, but basically it was originally the creation of an 8 year old girl, Bella. She came up with the name @aroundtheworldpix...then the following year when she decided to go back to public school, she could not put enough time into the page."

"Now, I run this particular account with my son."

It's safe to say that the love of travel and good photography runs in the family. Five years ago, her son was finding success in online businesses, including @earthpix (though he is no longer affiliated with the account). JC's daughter, who was just 8 at the time, wanted to create a travel page so she could follow in her brother's footsteps, less for business and more for fun.

When Bella decided to return to public school, the account had 50k followers, so JC decided to take over, posting roughly every three hours. Two years ago, when the account was up and running just shy of four years, @aroundtheworldpix hit a million followers, a proud milestone for JC (and her now 13 year old daughter).

Quite an accomplishment for a young teen, one who had originally created this account as a naive third grader.

Even though JC's account has a large following, getting verified as a page with strict reposts is harder than it seems. Through research, JC has discovered that ease with verification lies in the personal pages, where photos posted are by and of the person posting them. "We would love the blue check mark, but from what I hear it is extremely hard to get a repost travel page verified."

Every day, JC receives photos through her Instagram DMs and while some aren't up to the account's standards, others are amazingly stunning. In addition, JC states that "there are many photographers we seek out photos from because they are really good at the top of their game. The photos can literally transfer you to another world by just looking at them."

JC loves that she can expose the talented photographers on her page as well as the lovely photos they take from around the world. "The most important thing to me," JC explains. "Is learning the correct photographer so I can give them photo credit. I do try to learn locations of photos as well. These photographers work so hard and put so much time into each photo, and I am appreciative of their artistic talents. I would never post without proper credit to them since they do all the hard work."

As someone who handles and maintains a travel Instagram page, JC enjoys traveling a bit as well. Five years ago, JC lived in Oahu, Hawaii for six months. While she loves life in New York with her family, Hawaii always stays close to her heart.

"I miss it every day. Endless beauty there. A much different daily grind than anywhere else in the US for sure. And being there always brings out the best in me. The ocean, air, trees, flowers, birds, the rugged beauty all around, it just is like it's own drug."

JC's love for Hawaii didn't stop in 2013. To this day, she has created an additional Instagram page, specifically designed for only Hawaii travel, as an outlet for her to live vicariously through the art of others. "The photographers who are local to Hawaii are phenomenal. They have so many picture perfect places to take photos of, they are always turning out stunning stuff, makes my job running that page very easy!"

JC doesn't see herself posting less of Earth's beauty any time soon. Everyone deserves a sliver of a waterfall, a fluffy snow white mountain, a peaceful home in what could only be called the middle of nowhere.

"All in all we are just trying to bring the beauty of the world to the palm of your hand with the best quality photos we take the time to find through the millions on IG."

Check out the @aroundtheworldpix Instagram account for more pictures of adorable animals, lustful dreamers, and nature's colors.

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