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"Wanna get Fat and Drunk?"

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Very few artists will I admire and be able to say, "wow, so true" about their work. Most times, there's a struggle to grasp the true meaning what the artist was trying to convey. Does the picture portray a sad face or a bowl of unappetizing fruit? Normally, the answer ends up being, "it's just a black dot, nothing else."

Bode Burnout (a nickname plus a MySpace username) is nothing like these artists. Her work is harsh, real, and always true. It speaks to the generation of materialism and priority. It makes you realize that mole hills should never be made into mountains. That your own being and self-health should be the most important to you.

As a way to be true to herself, Bode turns to art. Whenever she has free time, Bode is putting a pencil to paper. There is no rhyme or reason to her process. No time constraint, no rules.

"I find sometimes I work on things for a while and others it’s messy and quick," she says. "I like attention to detail for some things but sometimes when it’s in the moment it needs to be as messy as the thought process I have is. I just need to get it out of my brain then and there. Like therapy."

Bode is from and resides in Brisbane. Drawing has been something that has followed her through life - from childhood, to teen, to her now adulthood. Her earliest memory was when her "mom said I drew a good helicopter when I was two."

A couple of years ago, Bode posted a "Bode Burnout" drawing after posting a few art pieces to her Instagram account. Eventually, @BodeBurnout gained traction and her art became relatable to many around the world.

While the characters are not based off of real people, nor do they have names, Bode draws fictional people in probable situations (some that have happened to her), mixed in with imaginative scenarios and personalities she comes across. Most (if not all) figures have their tongue sticking out, a trademark that has just been the norm for Bode.

"I kept painting strange images that way and transferred it over to drawing," she explains.

Just last year, Bode decided to begin selling some of her work. People expressed interest and she decided to create a shopping page on her site. Since then, you can see people wearing various shirts with Bode's art on it posted to her Instagram feed or story.

In addition to Bode's amazing talent, she also has a magnificent way with words. Her poetry is deep and meaningful, full of truth and ambiguity. As with many hobbies, drawing versus painting on a specific day depends on how Bode is feeling.

"Whatever mood I am in at the time I suppose," she states. "I'm constantly writing poetry though. I always have."

What makes Bode stand out from other artists is that she draws and writes for herself. She doesn't need to please people, to make others around her love her and her work. You either relate or you don't, but no one is forcing you to follow her page. She will post as she pleases. And for those who follow her and appreciate her every post, know that she appreciates you.

When it comes to posting her work, what is Bode's ultimate goal?

"To make people feel less alone."

Check out and start following Bode Burnout on Instagram @bodeburnout

And her artwork and clothing can be found here.

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