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Which Dood Squad? That One!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Whats better than one doodle dog? Seven of them dressed up for year-round holidays, of course. Learn about the dogs that are taking the States by storm.

In Atlanta, Georgia, seven southern gals have found each other with their common ground: their pups. The girlfriend group met because of their love for their furry children. "One of the doodle moms (Stephanie) and I organized several Atlanta doodle meetups, and that was the start of our group’s friendships!"

The women clicked mostly because their dogs did (over 200 other ones!). Everything just fell into place.

"We are sweet, persistent, and put our dogs before our boyfriends/husbands (whoops!). Doods before dudes, right?"

Thus began the dog and human friendship

"The girls now all joke that, in a pawfect world, we would be a stay at home dog moms."

Originally, the women would meet for brunches at restaurants in Atlanta or even in their own homes. They'd have cocktail parties and go boutique shopping, but always making sure that these places were dog-friendly.

When the girls grew accustomed to their brunches and shopping, they wanted to do something more. Something with the doggos.

"We began adventuring around our southern city, Atlanta, together looking for dog friendly spots, fun photo ops, exploring our vibrant State (from hiking trails, to lavender fields, to pumpkin patches, to mountain vistas, to the hustle/bustle of Atlanta), celebrating our pups’ birthdays."

It's always all about the pups. Over time, and through magic of course, the women and their doodles have become besties.

"We now schedule playdates so we can all hang out, the fluffy and non-fluffy, to catch up on life."

On Sundays, you will find the gals and pups brunching together with donuts while the dogs release some energy.

And since going live and viral, the group of humans and furs have made a statement. They are often recognized in Atlanta, resulting in features on the Weather Channel, local tv, and local magazine covers. Did you know that dogs can be models and ambassadors? These pups are! Different bandana companies have picked up the dogs for more exposure of their product. Safe to say, the dogs are quite the fashionistas. "In addition, they are used to wearing “Doggles,” German goggles, hats, costumes and bow ties!"

People across town love playing with the pups and in exchange "receive wet kisses."

"OH MY WORD. People stop, traffic stops (I am not kidding), cameras and phones cameras come out for picture taking, etc."

Dog brands is not where the work has stopped. "Some of us have done work for Toyota, LLBean, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Whole Foods, Sugarboo, just to name a few."

The pups, throughout their fame, have remained quite humble. No one's egos have been too big! All they want, really, is a “high reward” treat in return and to be allowed to run and play with their pup-mates.

"For us girls, we snicker and wonder if we are becoming Stage Moms (don’t answer that)!"

The question that kept popping up in my head? How do you get SEVEN hyper dogs to pose for photo ops? The women say that people will ask “how did you get them to sit so perfect and look at the camera?”

What goes on behind the scenes? "What was missed was that while one dog found, located, and ripped open a dog treat bag in order to devour it, another dog was walking off with one of the photo props, and the hilarious laughing of the girls amid the chaos." The ultimate trick for the perfect photo? “STAY STAY STAY STAY STAY.”

The women laugh about this. "We are fairly confident that they all must think that 'STAY' is their name. Or 'NOOOOO, STAY!' Honestly, the dogs are well-behaved, well-socialized, obedient, and all have passed their CGC (Canine Good Citizens Test)."

They know when they have a job to do and when it is play time.

"In exchange, they hope for extra love (i.e., treats) and play time!"

Not all the dogs are *just* models. Four of the seven dogs are therapy dogs: Addie, Charlie, Packer, and Sheldon.

"We visit hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and senior living facilities with Happy Tails Pet Therapy."

A few of us have attended Camp Unleashed where we have spent a whole weekend in the North Georgia Mountains working on dog training while allowing the dogs to be dogs! Woof.

Also, what the pictures don’t show: the animations of the dogs’ happy-go-lucky personalities.

In the end, the smiles and activities and photos come down to one thing: a life long friendship.

"Seven girlfriends and their doodles. It’s our favorite 'after school' (well, after-work) activity."

They will always give their fans what they want though, due to viral success.

"The girls and I have decided to regularly schedule photos. We are taking 'themed' photo for every month this year (for example: Winter, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools, Cinco de Mayo, Pool Day (dog days of summer), 4th of July, Back to School, Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December howlidays)."

Go enjoy the Doodle members in all their fame and glory. 1. Addie, Sheepadoodle (@sheepish_addie) https://www.instagram.com/sheepish_addie/

2. Packer, Goldendoodle (@packer.goldendoodle) https://www.instagram.com/packer.goldendoodle/

3. Lola, Goldendoodle (@misslolathegoldendoodle) https://www.instagram.com/misslolathegoldendoodle/

4. Charlie, Goldendoodle (@charliegoldthedoodle) https://www.instagram.com/charliegoldthedoodle/

5. Sheldon, Cockapoo (@sheldonthedood) https://www.instagram.com/sheldonthedood/

6. Cedar, Goldendoodle (@doodleandthehound) https://www.instagram.com/doodleandthehound/

7. Charlie (@quenchmyheart) https://www.instagram.com/quenchmyheart/

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