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Social Media Etiquette
What is Social Media Etiquette?
There are a few different ways to describe social media etiquette. Technology is advancing every day, so the way people interact with social media advances as well. It is important that before posting anything on social media, you ask yourself, “Is this socially acceptable for the world to see?” Once something is on the computer, it is in the media for good. Anyone, if looking hard enough, can find something that you posted that day, a year ago, or even when you were just learning what is wrong and write about social media. You never know who is looking at your profiles. One day, try Googling your name, I bet that if you have a Facebook account, went to a sleep away camp, or have posted something online in the past, you will show up in the search results. The idea of this is scary, but also painfully true. And let me tell you, if someone wants to hire you and searches your name only to find you flipping of the camera with one hand and holding a beer in the other, you have lost that opportunity.
Why is it so important?
Social media etiquette is important because it may, one day, define who you are to someone in the business and professional world. Whether you use social media for personal reasons, for blogging, or for the good ol’ Facebook, what goes up on the screen does not come down. Remember that! While the internet is a great way to connect and get information about businesses and such, it is also imperative that people do not abuse the internet, keeping privacy as the utmost important part of staring at a computer screen for multiple hours a day.
Quick Tip List:
  • Make sure everything you put on social media is TRUE!
  • Only post information (education, email, etc.) that you would want your boss to see.
  • Keep pictures and information only public to people you know (there are settings in which you can make Profiles private).
  • Don’t accept anyone that requests to be your friend. VERIFY that you know them.
  • Make sure your password is a strong one and keep it to yourself. Nothing is worse than being hacked.
So make sure when you are using social media, you are asking yourself, “Am I being stupid right now if I post this?” 
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