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Why everyone says they hate the KK but end up there every night...
The KK, also known as the Kollege Klub, is the notoriously known bar for being “the place” to go. Everyone always wants to branch out and go to a different bar on State Street.
Geographically desirable
Winters in Madison are rough. Like frozen hair, numb fingers, coldness rough. The last thing anyone wants to do is walk at night to a bar that is not close…in a leather jacket. The KK, for many seniors, is centrally located. The distance from my room to the bar is around a two minute walk. And let me tell you something: being outside  in skimpy clothing, negative degrees, and high heels is not something that makes me all warm inside. The KK’s location is perfect.
No underage kids
This should be a no brainer, but the KK is actually known to be extremely strict with carding. Fake ID’s are easily recognizable and many students under the age of 21 know not to even try to go. It is nice to know that you are surrounded by students who are actually of age, thus not being as judge-y on the mistakes and “ragrets” you realize you made or have the next morning. Phewf.
Greek life and athletes
This bar is an iconic spot for those in greek life, but there are definitely people who are not into that, yet still go. Like the athletes. Because where else can an annoying girl go up to a football or basketball player while wasted and tell them they’re in love?
Televisions to give it the sports feel
This bar is always broadcasting games when they are going on, making the KK a desirable place to go if you want to be social while the Badgers play (or run into dudes who watch the Badgers play). The loud, cheering, fans are found at the KK supporting their favorite athletes that those annoying girls previously irritated.
Pink drink
Ahh, the pink drink. This drink is a very sweet Amaretto concoction that makes you smile after taking a sip. Who knew something so yummy could get you so damn drunk. This is known as the KK’s strongest drink, and it only cost $5. GO GET ONE.
The bathroom friends
Definitely more for the females. Bathroom friends are those who talk to other girls while waiting in line to pee/do other stuff. You make drunken plans with them because you just “looooove” them so much and think they rock. The next day? You cannot even remember what she looked like.
Great food
Chicken fingers and fries and wings and cheese curds and mac and cheese wedges. That is all.
So yes, we say we want to try new bars. We want to see what the other scenes are like. But when the clock strikes 12:15 am on a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday, and you are eight shots deep, the only place you will end up at is the Kollege Klub.
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