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20 Things I Miss from Thailand
Still having withdrawal from the coolest place ever...
1. Placing my hands together and bowing was normal (still is normal for them).
2. While the cultural barrier was so huge, it made me appreciate world differences that much more.
3. You do not hail taxis, they hail you. Literally, a taxi driver will pull over and ask if you need a ride if you are just leisurely walking on the sidewalk.
4. Snacks with another language on them and feeling super adventurous when I try something thinking it's new, even if it is just a piece of chocolate.
5. Taking my shoes off when walking into stores.
6. Ocean water = bath water.
7. Real Pad Thai (with chicken, obviously no seafood).
8. Curry.
9. Not having to "work on my tan" because then second I walk outside, it happens. 
10. Real Pad Thai (seriously, that good).
11. Amazing views of even the simplest of scenery.
12. Snorkeling in open waters.
13. Cute monkeys.
14. Not having Wifi (seriously, try it one day. You will feel so free and not attached to the stupid media world. You're phone does NOT equal your life).
15. Having everyone sweat just as much as I do on a regular basis (and being proud of it).
16. Feeling super rich when not one meal is more than $3 (or 150 baht).
17. Baht, miss you.
18. Having use of my fake Ray Bans.
19. Pad Thai
20. Not having a care in the world.
If I could make it back to this incredible place at least one more time in my life, I would be extremely lucky.
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