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What I learned about Sydney, Australia
1. People are so much nicer here. Like so. much. nicer.

2. They are also a lot more trustworthy/trusting. (One time, someone asked if we could watch his dog while he got coffee. He gave us the leash and walked away...)

3. Except the bus drivers. If you cross the street when they are coming they will not stop. They WILL hit you.

4. If I am walking and I pass someone on the right side, it is an easy tell that I am American. I've been trying hard to pass on the left side.

5. There is a Pet Shop in the mall where puppies are kept in a glass pen and it is a huge stress reliever to go and see them. Until you want to buy one. Then you leave less stressed and more depressed.

6. The bus ride to school never gets better. In fact, it feels like it gets longer each time; 25 minutes is just not a fun time to be sitting on a jerky ride.

7. Time goes by way too fast here. To the point where I am confused where March went and I want it back.
8. I will never go on as many dates in America as I did here (...2).

9. It matters where you get waxed. If you don't want to get burned, go to the Australians.

10. Class is optional.

11. There are no such things as folders. They are plastic, thin things that hold a piece of paper until it rips.

12. I don't have to call my father 15 times a day. It is even okay if I skip a day (gasp!).

13. #12 doesn't make me miss my family any less. Although I think they are all getting annoyed with our group chat on Viber. Sorry.

14. Teriyaki chicken and avocado is a normal sushi roll here. And I get it every time I go to sushi.

15. Sushi is the most efficient meal as the plates come around a bar like area, like a train, and you pick what you want and pay at the end. It's also the cheapest.

16. I get "sushi" (chicken teriyaki rolls) 4-5 times a week.

17. I Instagram too much, but I can't help it. This place is perfection.

18. Everyday I think about when I am going to sky dive again. It is my obsession.

19. I still don't late night eat when I come home.

20. Sriracha is my new favorite thing. I eat it with EVERYTHING.

21. I can survive without iced coffee. I can do it. Panic has not set in yet. Everything is okay.

22. I have come to terms with not getting an internship this summer due to my program running late. Poolside living will have to do and I'd rather be in Australia then someone's summer bitch.

23. The mall closes at 6pm, but the supermarket doesn't. But the supermarket is in the mall. So you can walk through a creepily empty mall to go to the supermarket and then figure out which doors aren't locked to get out.

24. Everybody helps everybody. It doesn't matter if you are a stranger. You can help someone get off the bus. Frustration is not a thing here.

25. It's not "a lot." It is "heaps." Example: There are heaps of nice people here.

I could go on forever, but I can see your eyes are glossing over.
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