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Quick facts about Ashdod for those of you who have never heard of my once future home.

1. It is the fifth largest city in Israel.

2. It is only 47 years old, declared in 1968.

3. Israel's largest port is the Port of Ashdod.

4. A large amount of immigrants call Ashdod their home.

5. Industrial center? Yeah, I'd say Ashdod is an important one (possibly even the MOST important one).

6. This city is 20 miles south of Tel Aviv and 33 miles west of Jerusalem (talk about center of attention, amirite?)

7. FC Ashdod is the football (soccer) team and represents the Premier League.

8. There is a commercial shopping center located super close to my apartment.

9. The average temperature in the winter is 17.2 degrees Celsius and in the summer it is 31.8 (goodbye, winter coats).

10. Still a little confused? Wikipedia compares Ashdod to cities like Bordeaux, France and Wuhan, China.
...Oh, when Ashdod was just a place and not my home...
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