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Pen and Paper Are So Gen-X
April 1st, 2016 | Promote Your Site
5 reasons why all travelers should be creating an online journal.
Your itinerary is set. You are following your dreams and traveling the world. But how will you capture this dream turned reality? Are you lost and do not know where to start? Having brain block on how to multitask with managing a blog while traveling, perhaps? With the right tools and support, building your very own Wix blog website can help those you want to inform stay, well…informed. An online journal is a place to keep your memories safe and secure forever. And the added bonus? You can put your family’s worries of where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with, to rest.
The blog checklist before the packing checklist:
Keep Your Worried Relatives Happy
Allowing yourself to write about your travels not only gives you references to look back on, but also permits yourself to let your family and friends in on your unforgettable times, their jealousy be damned! Wix offers an easy travel template (although you are definitely not limited to using only this one) to get you started before you begin your trip. Don’t stop here though! There are tons of apps that your loved ones can download to keep up with you while they are on the go. WixShoutOut, GoogleMaps, and Skype Call/Chat are just three of the many apps that can help you get started.
Journal Gone Public
Creating a blog helps organize your thoughts by allowing you to settle down after each day (or whenever you have access to a computer) and update the awesome details of your expedition. What better way to make your memories permanent than an online journal? Plus, who wants to carry around a notebook every where you go? What if it gets lost? Wet? Smudged? Wix allows you to shape all of your memories in a creative way with just one link that will last forever. Check out these amazing ways to make your journey come to life.
Blogging is Not Only Writing, But…
Photos, photos, photos. You tell your friends and family you are going on a trip. Their response? Take millions of photos, please! If you don’t see yourself as a writer, but an awesome photographer (or you just love snapping shots, because who doesn’t?), it is possible to create a blog for all your captured moments. Don’t want to update your family on every last breath you take while you are gone? Lucky for you, a picture is worth a thousand words.
It’s All About YOU
If you are the type of person who has always wanted to shamelessly talk about yourself, blogging gives you that chance. The adventure you are embarking on is your adventure, and no one else’s. Creating a blog allows you to go into as much detail as you want about your life. Feel the need to talk about what you ate for breakfast? What about that time you went bungee jumping against your parents’ pleading requests? Did you get stung by a jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea and want to express how much pain you were in? Write about it! Your experiences, your life, your blog.
“Those Were the Best Days of My Life…”
If Bryan Adams’ words speak to you, then it only makes sense for you to take advantage of this new age way to create a keepsake. There is the emphasis on having all your memories on one platform instead of risking the loss of them through your aging mind. Don’t be the regretful elder who didn’t record everything. Be the cool grandparent who is able to show your young’uns the incredible Wix website you created that time you traveled the world.
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