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Baking and Reporting: The Dani Duo

Dani Golub is a twenty-something year old living her post college life in Los Angeles. She describes herself, bluntly, as a "yellow haired female who likes waffles and news." Her favorite show is Parks and Recreation and she loves to bake on the weekends. When she isn't looking up to Leslie Knope or playing with Frankie, the English Bulldog, Dani is hosting and producing entertainment news.

Dani's passion for reporting came years ago, when she was sidelined in high school sports due to an injury. "While sitting on the bench, I picked up the microphone and starting announcing the game."

The idea of reporting constantly led Dani to study journalism in college, but the hard news wasn't something that Dani wanted a career in. The entertainment side was where she found her calling and almost a decade later and Dani's passion kept with her. Hosting, talking to people, learning their stories and relaying them to an audience became Dani's full time job.

If you like talking to famous people and gossip, then you'd love to be in Dani's shoes. "I work as an on-air host and entertainment news producer at Yahoo from 9 - 5." Dani explains how she hosts a daily entertainment news show in the morning, followed by producing, editing, and writing a handful of stories and videos in one day.

Half of Dani's week consists of a trip from Playa Vista, where her Yahoo office is, to North Hollywood, where she works for Afterbuzz. "I am the lead host for a variety of shows on Maria Menounos' network. I've been hosting for her for about two years now, leading panels for everything from some of the biggest reality TV shows to awards shows and more. I also cover red carpets for Afterbuzz after work and on weekends."

Can you say busy?!

Once a week, Dani even makes her way to different movie premieres and events across LA. So yes, she may be a busy gal, but when you do what you love, busy is bliss.

Dani has her moments when she is nervous, or even messes up, on camera, but she's human. Humans are granted mistakes here and there. "Of course I have messed up. I mess up all the time, that's life. While interviewing one actor (who will remain nameless to save myself from further embarrassment), I thought his wife was his daughter. I ended up making a joke out of it and we all laughed it off."

Dani has spoken to a variety of actors, musicians, and reporters alike, but the coolest person she was able to interview was Lady Gaga. "She has such pure, genuine talent and is one of the hardest working people I have ever met."

Dani strongly recommends you see Lady Gaga live, one more item to your bucket list.

As a guest, Dani was able to attend the Emmys. She worked at NBC for two years and her team there was nominated. "It was such a blast getting to go to an event as a guest and just have fun. I was so out of my league, literally everyone there was super famous."

Dani was at the bar for the majority of the night, making jokes with the cast of SNL and finding herself using the ladies room the same time Anna Farris did. "I still have to pinch myself when I think about that night."

But her job is not her entire life. Dani is an avid baker when she isn't holding a microphone. She loves to get rid of her Sunday scaries in her kitchen, with a mixing bowl in hand. "I love baking everything from tie die cakes to emoji cookies. I was even once reposted by the baking king himself (and also one of my heroes), Duff Goldman."

If Dani has learned anything from the entertainment world, it's that work is a constant cycle. "Even when you aren't physically at your office, you always have to be networking." Dani brings business cards with her out to bars and sends cold emails to people all the time.

"Don't be afraid to ask for advice from others. No job is really below you. It's all about the job you have, not the job you want. Everything is just a stepping stone."

Dani knows that ever job improves you, whether it is a direct path to your dream career or not. "I'm still learning every day. I came out to LA with no connections and I have managed to build a network of my own. It is possible, you can do it."

Dani's career is just beginning. Years from now, Dani hopes to "continue to do what I love as the industry involves into an even more digital space."

Her closing words?

"One day at a time, baby. Oh, and I also hope to have more dogs, a lot more dogs."

To find Dani Golub, check out her Instagram and many other social pages.

Instagram: @danigolub :: @frankieandbucky

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