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Meet the Coolest Grandma

No matter what video he puts on his Instagram or Facebook, he never fails to disappoint. In 2013, Ross started creating videos with his grandma on Vine. Sounds boring, but actually hilarious.

Don’t buy it? Check it out HERE.

Ross is your average dude: twenty-four years old, college graduated, and a retired football player. His grandma is ninety and retired as well. Except not from football. She worked in a bomb factory during World War II and a bakery after that. The two have a friendship and bond that most people find themselves jealous of. They talk about anything and everything and even though they do not live together, they are together often, like two best friends playing around on social media. Ross explains that “when the camera isn’t rolling, we are kicking it.”

Ross says that getting his grandma to agree to these wild videos isn’t hard in the least bit.

“My grandma is just super cool,” he states. “After all the years of her picking on me, I am just returning the favor.”

Some videos are unscripted, others start from an idea. They seem easy and fun to make, but Ross admits that they “usually take a very long time and a lot of work to complete.”

Since 2013, Ross has become virtually famous. He has 2.5 million followers on Facebook, 1 million on Instagram, and over a million on Snapchat. His modesty is respectable as he explains how the experience is amazing and unbelievable. He loves that he can talk to his fans and make people laugh. His grandma is slowly starting to understand what her role is on social media and she is “rocking it like a boss.”

He even has friendships with Steve-O from Jackass and Verne Troyer. Even though the three of them are all very busy, if Ross has a funny video idea, the three of them will get together and create the comedy.

Here is one of Ross’s favorite videos: Beat DROP

Ross is super down to earth, appreciative and thankful for his experiences and ability to make people smile worldwide.

His advice to you? “Do what you love, follow your dreams, never be too content with your craft and skills. Always improve them to make you better. Be happy! Travel, meet people. Money isn’t everything, experiences are much more important. BE YOURSELF – don’t change who you are.”

If you want more of Ross and his perfect Grandma, you can follow him here:

And cheers to many more videos!



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